This is, literally the hardest thing to write.


I keep typing EAST BOSTON ITALIAN, because I want you to know I'm intimidating..(I do have old family mob ties)...and then I keep writing anecdotes about when I first fell in love with acting so you know I'm InVeStEd... (When the reality is, as a kid accidentally watching Braveheart I thought as an actor the ULTIMATE sacrifice you made was death.) I want to tell you about my family, and how wholesome we were (when my understanding of the bible was the soundtrack to Jesus Christ Superstar and nothing else). 

I have a big mouth for the right moments. I have a laugh that's somewhere between a cackle and a chuckle and sort of sounds like horse neighing. I get wrapped up in moments that move me to tears, and my goal in life is to make you laugh every 30 seconds. (A true bit comedian.) 

When people ask what my type is? I never know what to say. NOT because I don't know what I can do. I'm definitely the heartbreakingly funny young woman who's wise beyond her years with a dark sensibility and a quick comeback. But that could be a cashier. That could be a lady of the night. That could be a young high school teacher. A new mom. A doctor. Tree #1. Featured background lady concerned screaming in the crowd. 

I also get asked alot about what specifically as an actor I want to do. Do I want to do dark comedy? Sci-fi? Do I want to be an action hero? Do I want to focus on children's shows, or rom coms? 

I want to do it all. And why not? It's an industry where we literally get to make up, everything we do. Everything is make believe! I want to tell every story there is to tell. And I want to do it with my whole heart, and someone else's moolah. 

If you've made it to the bottom of this lil bio. I want you to know, you will never regret working with me. And I hope to work with you soon.

- Alexis 


 A renaissance woman of the entertainment world, you can find me post pandemic performing with Say What NYC Comedy Improv, and at whatever comedic hub is still open. (RIP Everything)