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Things I think you should know about me:

1. I come from a mob family. Off-brand, I know. But my Great-Uncle Robert "Bobby" Italiano was involved in the Black Friar Massacre of 1978. 

2. I have opened with a tight five (stand-up) with Janelle James and Aasif Mandvi after being spur of the moment scouted by their manager. 

3. I'm a pretty damn good writer. I sold a show about a love triangle on a soccer team to a streaming service. The world fell apart two days after (thanks covid) so it was never greenlit, but it sold. 

4. I'm an improv and stand-up comedy maven. 

5. I am a freestyle rapper. A dream is to be a children's rap star named Miss Fluff. 

6. I've been a singer/songwriter my whole life. I find inspiration everywhere, including in the cashiers at Trader Joes. 

7. I am Italian, I speak Italian. Ma, ho dimenticato tutte le frase. Non posso practicare con tuttle le persone. Io capisco meglio quando tu parli non velocamente. 

8. Amazing with "sight-reading" music and medical jargon. Absolute BOSS with a teleprompter. 

9. In college I hosted a dorm renovation show. 

10. I'm a former live events host for Radio Disney. 

11. I make a cappella arrangements like Anna Kendrick in Pitch Perfect (performed on Anderson Cooper’s show as a promo for Pitch Perfect 2.)

12. Some of my best friends are over 65 years old. Age is just a number, friendship is a lifetime. 

13. I've met an astronaut, so by the transitive property I have touched space. 

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